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Basic Gender Scan

From 15 + 4 Weeks


Basic Gender Scan - EarlyLife
Basic Gender Scan - EarlyLife Basic Gender Scan - EarlyLife Basic Gender Scan - EarlyLife


          An early gender scan can tell you the gender of your baby from 15 weeks 4 days. Many people are having private gender scans more than four weeks ahead of the usual routine baby scans.
          • 2D appointment to check gender of baby
          • We can complete a gender scan from 15 weeks 4 days
          • Images sent digitally by phone or email
          • Full explanation & viewing of findings so you don't just have to take our word for it, you can see for yourself!
          • Free 4D viewing (optional)

"We came yesterday for a 16 week gender scan. It's a really lovely place with an amazing atmosphere. The staff were so lovely and great at their job. The whole experience was amazing from start to finish and we will definitely be back for a 3D scan later on in the pregnancy. The gender reveal balloons they do are fab also thanks so much x" 

- Hayley Griffiths


Please note - If you are having a gender reveal party or gathering and you don't want to know the gender of your baby during the scan, it isn't possible for the sonographer's to show you as much as they would normally, so please bear this in mind. Balloons are sold separately.