Award Winning Baby Scan Facility Four Years Running 2021-2024 - South West England & GHP Healthcare Dedication Excellence.


Why Choose Us?

Ultrasound services throughout your pregnancy

The Early Life Ultrasound Centre in Cheltenham is a Multi Award winning baby scan clinic 4 years running, winning Private Healthcare awards "Best Baby Scan Practice 2021" and  "Most Trusted Ultrasound Practice 2022" along with Baby Scan Clinic of the year for 2021,2022, 2023 & 2024.

Our aim is to enable parents to have access to ultrasound services throughout their pregnancy without having to be referred. Our services are designed to fit around your all important routine scans. We offer Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scans from 7 weeks, Gender Scans from 15 weeks 4 days and 3D & 4D scans that include well-being and growth checks, should you need some extra reassurance in the third trimester.

We are Healthcare professional led and managed and if you need to speak to one of our Sonographers they are available on the phone should you need to discuss your requirements.

At Early Life Ultrasound Centre you also have the option to see a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

Mr Aamir Khan is an experienced consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with a special interest in early pregnancy and emergency gynaecology and is the current clinical lead for this department at one of the largest women's hospitals in UK (Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital).

Mr Khan has joined the Early Life Ultrasound Centre to bring his individualised patient care philosophy and expertise in early pregnancy and gynaecology. He understands the stresses and anxiety of parents-to-be during pregnancy (especially in the first and second trimesters) and is happy to provide early pregnancy reassurance ultrasound scans as part of a relaxed consultation to discuss any concerns during these precious stages of your pregnancy.

A Warm Welcome

As soon as you step through the door of the Early Life Ultrasound Centre you can expect to be greeted with a welcoming, calming spa-like atmosphere.


Longer Appointment Times 

We have created a quiet and calming environment that is achieved by widening the times between our appointments instead of cramming as many appointments into a clinic session.This offers you the chance to see your baby with your family, or perhaps just on your own giving you time to enjoy the experience. It also means that you have the opportunity to ask questions look through your images together in the privacy of the scan room.

Put your trust in us

As per legal requirement, we are registered with and have been inspected by the Care Quality Commission under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 on 3 occasions over the last 11 years with Good results, although, due to our recent move it is currently showing as inpections having not taken place. We are Registered Members of the British Medical Ultrasound Society and have full Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance. If your local ultrasound service is not registered with the CQC in the interests of safeguarding we recommend that you do not use them. We place special emphasis on the safety and well-being of all of our clients ensuring that all safety procedures and policies are adhered to at all times. It is our policy that all scans are performed in line with ALARA principles (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) and for no longer than recommended  scan times.

Highly Skilled, Kind and Understanding,

It takes a bit more to be a Sonographer at Early Life Ultrasound Centre. Our Sonographer's undergo extra counselling training on top of their existing medical ultrasound qualifications. Empathy, Kindness and Compassion are key qualities that you can expect from our staff. It also helps when staff have already walked the parenting journey with it's trials and tribulations and have an understanding of the emotions at this precious time. Sometimes, it's not knowing what is happening during your pregnancy that can cause anxiety. It's our hope that by the time you leave, you will feel assured that you have had any questions answered and have a better understanding of whats happening with your pregnancy and what will happen next. This has particular relevance to early pregnancy scans, but also applies to all stages of pregnancy. 

Room Enough for  6 people

The cosy and comfortable scan room at Early Life Ultrasound Centre ensures that everyone can have a good view during the scan, with one large screen and a large projector screen, along with soft lighting and comfortable sofas for guests.


State-of-the-art Technology

The clinic benefits from offering a state-of-the-art ultrasound system for its scans. We use HD Live 4D technology to ensure the clearest animated images of your baby in the womb. It is a misconception that ultrasound HD is like the clearer picture on the TV. HD Live is a newer type of software altogether that is  only available with certain ultrasound machines. Early Life Ultrasound Centre invested in a high quality ultrasound technology to achieve best results and accuracy. HD Live is a newer, better form of ultrasound technology. To find out more read our blog  -


We're situated right in the heart of Cheltenham, opposite the Regents Arcade car park with easy access by foot, public transport or by car with multiple parking facilities nearby. The nearest paid car parks are Rodney Road, The Regent Arcade and Municipal Offices, all are about 2 minutes walk from The Early Life Ultrasound Centre.

Care & attention

We make every effort to ensure that your visit to the Early Life Ultrasound Centre is a positive one. It is understood that having a baby is one of the biggest events in life and often an emotional roller coaster. Our personable team are here to make you feel truly cared for and understood.

Great Value for Money

Our scan prices are not the cheapest but very reasonable and when you consider all of the above and the fact that you are most likely going to do this once or twice, it's worth making sure that you get the best experience.

Our service offers quality that you won't find anywhere else. 

Useful links BMUS (British Medical Ultrasound Society) & CQC (Care Quality Comission)