About us


Our mission is to create a relaxing environment to ensure we achieve the best results from an ultrasound scan session. We aim to deliver the highest quality ultrasound service possible and draw from a team of professionally qualified sonographers.



At the Early Life Ultrasound Centre our aim is to enable parents to have access to ultrasound services through-out their pregnancy without having to be referred. We are lucky enough to have the luxury of time and this enables us to explain what we are seeing on the screen and answer any questions that you may have. Whilst we are not looking for abnormalities within our package systems, should anything unusual be noticed by our sonographers we will refer you to your midwife or GP.

We'll take time for you to have a proper introduction and to relax in a comfortable setting with your partner, friends or family and encourage children to be a part of the introduction. When the session is complete you will feel a lot better acquainted with your baby, even have confirmed that this is real and happening! With certain packages, you will also be able to take home a DVD of your experience together with quality images to share.

Our ultrasound scan service is designed to fit around your routine NHS scans. As a general rule you will have a scan at about 12 weeks (a nuchal scan or dating scan), and another at around 20 weeks (a mid-trimester or anomaly scan). The purpose of these scans is to ensure that your baby is developing as it is should be and that there are no issues which may need to be addressed. Prior to your 12 week dating scan and after your routine 20 week scan usually there is a long wait before you get to see baby again and this is where our services can come in very useful.


As per legal requirement, we are registered with the Care Quality Commission under the Health and Social Care Act 2008, are Registered Members of the British Medical Ultrasound Society and have full Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance. If your local ultrasound service is not registered with the CQC in the interests of safeguarding we recommend that you do not use them.
We have 2 Receptionists, 3 Sonographers and 1 Midwife in the team. They are all mothers and between them they have 15 children and a couple of grandchildren! They have all had their fair share of ultrasound scans and have had a huge input into the set up of the clinic, moulding it into a place where they would have liked to have visited during their own pregnancies.

Our Obstetric Sonographers are trained to the highest standards in 3D/4D Ultrasound. All Sonographers have CASE (Consortium of Sonographic Education) Accredited Post Graduate Qualifications in Medical Ultrasound and have undergone specific specialist training for all services offered within the Early Life Ultrasound Centre.
We're situated right in the heart of Cheltenham, opposite the town hall with easy access by foot, public transport or by car with multiple parking facilities nearby.
Our premises are warm and inviting. We provide a relaxing atmosphere and welcome any family and friends who you may want to attend with you. Cappuccino's and a range of tea or coffee is available for you and your guests on arrival or to enjoy on the sofa whilst you watch the scan on the big screen.
No ordinary ultrasound system can give you extraordinary vision. Only a premier system that has been equipped with innovative technology could possibly produce the level of image quality and tools you need. After reviewing the technology behind the images, we hope you see how extraordinary the Voluson E8 is.

Here's what the expert engineers say "Granted, this system is expensive, but after spending quite a bit of time with this unit, I'd have to say that it's one of my favorite machines to use. It's like it took the best of the Logiq 9 and the Voluson 730, smashed them together and turned out an outstanding product."
We make every effort to ensure that your visit to the Early Life Ultrasound Centre is a positive one. It is understood that having a baby is one of the biggest events in life and often an emotional roller coaster. Our personable team are here to make you feel truly cared for and understood.

" Fantastic and relaxing experience. Super friendly staff who are very determined to get you the best possible photographs (even if your baby isn't playing ball!) couldn't recommend this place more. Got some brilliant images of our baby boy. "

Samantha Ruddy

" Lovely staff and studio - I'm far too impatient to wait for my NHS scans so it's so lovely to be able to see my little one in between these. Very relaxing and enjoyable, unfortunately I'm getting addicted! "

Laura Parkin

" The ladies here are just wonderful! They are very understanding and make you feel at ease right away. Highly recommended x "

Miranda Smith

" Fantastic!!!!! Such a great team and made us feel right at home! Loved every second of it! "

Gareth Donald Leng

" Fantastic service from booking to end of scan very friendly polite staff got more pics than they needed to give me such an amazing bonding experience and couldn't believe the detail for 16 weeks in 3D def recommended. "

Rosie Welch

" Loved it! Had my 16 week gender scan and silver 4D at 26 weeks....Such good service, lovely staff, very welcoming & relaxing ☺ Great quality scans with lots of pics to take home, dvd & cd rom with images...would deffo recommend x "

Bryony Moore

" Amazing place that goes the extra mile to ensure fantastic results. "

Loretta Owen

" Very professional! Would recommend to anyone wanting a more detailed scan or gender reveal scan. "

Laura Houck