Early Pregnancy & Dating Scan

7-15 weeks


Early Pregnancy & Dating Scan
Early Pregnancy & Dating Scan Early Pregnancy & Dating Scan

Early pregnancy scans would usually take place from 7 to 12 weeks within the first trimester of pregnancy. During early pregnancy your baby is pretty small and in the first stage of development. Scans at this stage can bring it home to you that you are really pregnant and can reassure you that you are having a baby, sometimes even two.

A full bladder is quite important for scans at this time.

Early pregnancy scans are completed transabdominally, although, an internal scan maybe required although, you would have the option to decline. There may also be a need to return for a complimentary follow up scan should your pregnancy be too early to see what we need to see. The price charged also covers you for a re-scan appointment should you need it.

Our 2D reassurance scan (sometimes called a viability scan) is an assessment that is carried out to establish the following:

  • An intrauterine pregnancy (to see if the baby is in the right place)
  • Number of babies
  • Visualisation & trace of heartbeat 
  • Assessment of ovaries and pelvic area
  • To date your pregnancy by measuring the baby
  • Early pregnancy report & images

"The best place I have ever been too they really have helped with us and reassured us when needed. Not only do they offer such lovely caring friendly appointments they rang me to help me in a time of need free of charge advice and even managed to fit us in the next day to see our baby when there was no appointments free. Highly recommended" 

- Georgina Amos-Ford