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Basic 3D/4D Scan Package

24-34 weeks


4D Scan with video Image
4D Scan with video Image 4D scan Image HD Live Scan image

The Basic 4D scan Package is a fabulous way of dipping a toe into the world of 3D & 4D Imaging.


It may be that you just wanted to have a quick look and didn't want to immerse yourself in a full 3D or 4D scan package. If that's the case the Basic 4D Package would be perfect for you.

        • 4D moving scan
        • 5 plus 3D colour prints
        • FREE HD Live (a new more realistic imaging system)
        • Re-scan Guarantee 
        • Gender check (optional)

     This package is designed for people who choose not have growth checks, but if you do wish to have your baby's growth checked the 3D/4D package of Luxury package may be more suitable.