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Why your virtual gender reveal party starts with an early gender scan

Why your virtual gender reveal party starts with an early gender scan

Gender reveal parties have become a popular and exciting element of pregnancy, particularly over the last ten years. Thanks to advances in medical technology, gender scans  are now much more reliable, and can be carried out earlier on in the pregnancy than previously with accurate results. 


The gender reveal party will typically involve the revealing of the unborn baby’s sex to close family and friends through creative means, such as the releasing of coloured balloons or confetti cannons to signify the gender.  During the recent lockdown to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, parents have had to become even more creative, often doing their gender reveals over video-call.


When can parents find out the gender of their baby?


Parents-to-be wanting to find out the gender of their baby, can typically find out during their second routine scan, which is carried out somewhere between the 18th to 21st week of pregnancy. Though the sonographer cannot be 100% accurate, particularly if the baby is lying in an awkward position, they can usually give a relatively reliable answer. 


Sometimes, however, parents to be will want to know their baby’s gender sooner, or perhaps they will want a second opinion, or find the hospital they are booked in to have their routine scan has a policy to not tell parents the sex of their unborn baby.  In any of these circumstances, or if parents just need reassurance that all is well in between routine scans, they can book in for a private early gender scan.

What is an early gender scan?

An early gender scan can determine whether you are having a boy or a girl and can be carried out as early as 15 weeks and 4 days into your pregnancy.  As well as revealing the gender of your baby, these scans also provide vital reassurance to expecting parents that all is progressing well. 


At Early Life we offer a variety of options for gender scans including:


  • Basic gender scans - including 2D images for you to take home.
  • 3D gender scans - to show your baby in more detail and including both 2D and 3D images to take home
  • Gender reveal surprise package - a secret scan where you can request not to see the screen. This includes 2D images to take home and a confetti balloon filled with the appropriate colour.  This is perfect for parents who want to wait for the big revealing moment until they have family and friends around.
  • Wellbeing and gender scan package - this scan reassures parents to be by checking the growth, weight and position of the baby, as well as revealing the gender and providing images to take home.


Planning your gender reveal party

Here are a few tips to help you plan your gender reveal party:


  • Plan ahead and send out your invites early - so you can make sure people can attend and to give you plenty of time to book in for your gender scan. In the current situation, with the Covid-19 pandemic still very much at large, you may need to consider having your reveal party via video conference.
  • Book in for your gender scan - call us on 01242 300810 to book your gender scan in Cheltenham.
  • Plan your reveal - whether it is balloons, confetti cannons or cupcakes that you need to cut into, make sure you have the items you need in the colours you require to show everyone that you are expecting a boy or a girl.
  • Record the event - from videoing the big reveal to taking plenty of photos, make sure you capture the magic as this will be a special moment to relive and treasure with your child in the years to come.


Booking in for an early gender scan in Cheltenham

If you live in or around Cheltenham then the Early Life Ultrasound Centre is the place to come for your early gender and wellbeing scans.  Whether you want to be in on the big surprise, or save it for the gender reveal party, our team of sonographers can reassure you that all is well and give you the answers you need to plan for welcoming a baby boy or girl into your lives.


Please call us on 01242 300810 to book your appointment, we look forward to welcoming you.

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