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What will a 4D baby scan show me?

What will a 4D baby scan show me?

In the early days of pregnancy, it’s normal to be excited about your initial ultrasound scan as this will be your first chance to see your baby. The reality, however, can sometimes be disappointing as you struggle to make out the blurry outline of your baby on a 2D scan image. For parents-to-be who want to see their baby in more detail, or those who are concerned about potential abnormalities, a 4D scan provides an excellent solution.

What’s the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D scans?

Routine scans available on the NHS are in 2D format. They are the most conventional and traditional scans, showing the internal organs and skeletal makeup of your baby in a black and white image.

3D scans show your baby in three dimensional still images, and rather than showing the internal organs and skeleton, the images focus on the skin, helping you to better see the shape of your baby’s features.

4D scans add a fourth dimension of time, so you can see your baby moving around in real-time video imagery rather than just on still images although, we still use 2D scanning to provide further insights into your baby’s progress. The sonographer will be able to check the position and of you baby, placental positioning, the amount of amniotic fluid and accurate gender confirmation is also possible, if you wish to find out!

What to expect from a 4D scan

A 4D ultrasound scan will show movement like a video would, so you’ll see your baby moving around in real time. The most common things that you will see at a 4D scan include:

  • The shape of your baby’s features such as their nose, eyes and mouth
  • Your baby sucking their thumb
  • Your baby opening and closing their eyes
  • Your baby yawning or sticking their tongue out

Depending on the 4D scan package you choose here at Early Life Ultrasound Centre, you will receive 3D colour images and 4D moving image clips to take home, with options to  check the gender of your baby, have your baby’s growth checked and weight estimated and get a pregnancy wellbeing check and progress report.

Rescan guarantee

All of our 4D baby scans come with a rescan guarantee, this is because we understand that sometimes your baby isn’t in the right place or mood to be captured effectively in imagery! Being immersed in a sac of fluid, this means there are plenty of things that can get in the way of your baby. Perhaps they are snuggled up to the warm, soft placenta or maybe they just won’t move their hands away from their face - we’ve all had that day when we don’t want to be photographed!

Although we only need a few short 4D moving clips to get lots of good pictures, we understand that it isn’t always possible, which is why we offer our rescan guarantee. If your baby simply isn’t in the mood, we’ll offer you a rescan appointment free of charge.

Book now for your 4D scan

If you are ready to bond with your baby, click here to view our 3D/4D scan packages. We are now delighted to welcome up to two guests with you at your scan appointment and are taking all precautions to ensure your safety during your visit.

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