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What Is a HD Live Baby Scan and Do I need One?

What Is a HD Live Baby Scan and Do I need One?

Congratulations! If you are reading this blog you have probably recently found out that you are pregnant and are exploring your options for seeing your unborn baby and checking that all is well. At Early Life Ultrasound Centre, we offer a number of scan and consultancy packages to help reassure parents-to-be that all is well and give them a glimpse of their little ones in their developing stages. One thing that sets our scans apart from most other 4D scan clinics is that we also offer a HD Live Baby Scans, which can show your baby in a much more defined way.

What Is a HD Live Baby Scan?

An HD Live Baby Scan uses 4D technology to render clear images of your baby in the womb. Our live scanners show your baby in a realistic pinkish hue, rather than you trying to decipher their features on a black and white image or the orangey colour of the traditional 3D or 4D scan. The fourth dimension that a 4D scan offers is movement so you can see your baby wriggling around, kicking or sucking their thumb.

Why is HD Live Imaging Best?

If you are going to book in for a private scan, then you might as well make the most of the HD live imaging that is available. This 4D technology is superior to 2D and 3D scans alone as it offers:

  • Crisp and clear imagery
  • Better colours and shadows (depth perception) rendered
  • Movement on screen
  • Details such as facial features - provided you have the scan far enough into your pregnancy for your baby to have developed sufficiently to show this detail

Do I Need a HD Live Scan?

There is absolutely no requirement for you to have a HD Live scan and in fact, depending on when you have your scan, it might not even be relevant for you. If you are booking in for an early pregnancy scan then it will be mainly reassurance that you are seeking as your baby is too small and disproportionate to make out any details.

You can start to benefit from HD live imagery from 16 weeks into your pregnancy, as your baby is developing well at this stage. However, if you can wait until further into your pregnancy, such as from 24 weeks onwards, you will get better quality images and be able to make out more of your baby’s features.

We offer HD live imaging in our 3D and 4D scans which are offered from 24 weeks.

Book Now for Your Baby Scan

If you are looking for realistic 4D imagery of your baby using our HD Live imaging, please click here to view our range of 3D and 4D scan packages and get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

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