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Latest: What To Expect at Our Early Pregnancy Scans

Latest: What To Expect at Our Early Pregnancy Scans

If you are considering booking an early pregnancy scan then you’ll probably be a little nervous, particularly if this is your first pregnancy or you have suffered complications previously. You will most likely also have concerns about Covid-19 and the risks to you and your baby. At Early Life Ultrasound Centre we understand these worries and are doing everything we can to keep you informed and reassured. So that you can decide whether to book in for a scan, here is the latest information on what to expect at our early pregnancy scans:

Safe Space

In normal circumstances, it might add to your excitement to be surrounded by other parents-to-be, but as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, we understand that you want to feel  you are in a safe space.  When you arrive for an early baby scan at our centre, you will have the clinic to yourselves so that you can enjoy these very special moments in private, in a secure environment.  We continue to follow stringent measures in our clinic to protect you and your family and we always urge you to check our blog for the latest updates before you visit.

During your appointment you will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of your baby whilst they are in the early stages of their development. Depending on the scan package you choose, you will be able to learn the size of your baby and the estimated due date. You will also be able to get a report on how your pregnancy is progressing and discuss any concerns you might have with our Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist.

Mr. Aamir Khan is an experienced consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with a special interest in early pregnancy and emergency gynaecology and works at one of the largest and busiest women's hospitals in UK (Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital).

Please click here to view our full range of early pregnancy scans.

Bring Your Guests

Whilst some parents-to-be prefer to be on their own and keep the special moments to themselves, others will want to share these early insights with extended family or friends. Thanks to the latest guidance, we are now able to accept up to four guests as well as one partner to accompany you for your visit. As a maximum group of six you will have the clinic space to yourselves for the duration of your appointment.

Why might you like to bring guests to your scan?:

  • To share news such as the due date of your baby
  • To help them feel involved in the pregnancy, perhaps as grandparents or godparents this will be a very special moment to them
  • To create a special family bonding moment and make up for all the lost time due to lockdown restrictions
  • To provide support to you if you are nervous or concerned
  • To say thank you to family or friends who have purchased a gift voucher enabling you to have a scan at our clinic

Taking the Time to Talk

Whatever stage of your appointment you are at, from considering booking, to finding out more about our clinic or excitedly waiting for your scan day to arrive, we will always take the time to communicate with you. Whether you have a question about what to expect or concerns over Covid safety, we are here by telephone or email to provide reassurance. We believe that in being open and honest in our communication we can improve your overall experience, by eliminating any unnecessary concerns.

When to Book an Early Pregnancy Scan

If you want to find out more about how your pregnancy is progressing in the early stages, or get a glimpse of your baby before your first NHS scan at around 12 weeks, then you might want to book in for an early baby scan. At Early Life we offer these scans within the first trimester of your pregnancy - from 7 to 12 weeks. Though your baby will be in the early stages of their development, we will be able to determine vital information to reassure you  such as:

  • Is the baby in the right place?
  • How many babies are you expecting?
  • What is the estimated due date?

You will also hear a heartbeat trace and have an assessment of your ovaries and pelvic area to make sure everything is as it should be.

If you are feeling reassured about our early pregnancy scans and want to learn more about your baby, please get in touch on 01242 300810 with your questions or to book an appointment.

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