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How an early reassurance scan will put your mind at ease

How an early reassurance scan will put your mind at ease

Finding out you are pregnant is very exciting, but this excitement can soon be superseded by concern as you worry about your unborn baby.  Whether you are a new mum-to-be or have had a complicated pregnancy previously, it is only natural to worry about the health of your baby. 

The NHS offers two scans to pregnant women - one at around 12 weeks and another around 20 weeks - but this can seem like a long time to wait if you have concerns.  That’s why early reassurance scans - such as those offered here at Early Life Ultrasound Centre - can be invaluable during early pregnancy to put your mind at ease.

3 reasons to have an early reassurance scan

  • To alleviate your concerns - if you have experienced complications in a previous pregnancy or are a first time parent, you might be worried about the development of your baby. An early reassurance scan can check the positioning of the baby, trace the heartbeat and assess your ovaries and pelvic area.
  • To confirm a single or multiple pregnancy - an early pregnancy scan is the ideal time to confirm whether you are carrying one or more babies! If twins or multiple births run in your family, an early scan can detect separate amniotic sacs and heartbeats.
  • To find out when your baby is due to arrive - if you can’t pinpoint the date you fell pregnant, then an early reassurance scan can give you a much more accurate due date, by measuring the baby. This will enable you to plan for his or her arrival and also to sort out maternity leave.

Of course, there are other reasons to book an early pregnancy scan, including wanting to meet your baby and see him or her in 3D or 4D and to hear your baby’s heartbeat. This can give you a closer connection to your baby, making the pregnancy feel very real, most likely before you even have a bump.

When to book an early pregnancy reassurance scan

At Early Life Ultrasound Centre you can book a reassurance scan from as early as 7 weeks into your pregnancy. For more details on growth and wellbeing you may need to wait until around 16 weeks when your baby will be more developed.  We offer a range of early scans including:

Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan - from 7 weeks and including heartbeat trace, baby placement check and pregnancy dating.

Early Pregnancy Scan & Consultation with Consultant Obstetrician - from 7 weeks and including heartbeat trace, baby placement check and pregnancy dating. This scan is ideal for those who have additional concerns such as a history of miscarriage or extreme pregnancy symptoms and would prefer to have their appointment with a consultant rather than a sonographer.

Well-Being and Growth Scan - from 16 weeks and including assessment of placental site and amniotic fluid levels, gender determination and 3D and 4D viewing.

NIPT Harmony Test and Early Scan - from 10 weeks and including detection of trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), 18, and 13, evaluation of X and Y sex chromosomes, pregnancy dating and counselling to discuss possible outcomes.

Please call Early Life Ultrasound Centre on 01242 300810 to book your early reassurance scan or click here to make an enquiry about our services.

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