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Amazing things babies do in the womb - Sight

Amazing things babies do in the womb - Sight

Do babies open their eye's in the womb?

The answer is Yes! 

From around 27-28 weeks gestation babies do open their eyes. It can be seen during a  4d baby scan and we are able to see babies moving their eyes and looking around. It is said, that they are able to see dark, light and movement, but they aren't yet able to focus properly quite yet.

With 4D scans true colour is not picked up, so you wouldn't be able to see the colour of your baby's eye or the colour of their hair, this is down to genetics so you could take an educated guess, but there are always surprises. The colour that you do see in a 4D scan is created by the software which imitates skin colour.

4D scans work by collecting echoes that are bouncing off different structures in the case of 4D scans then the echoes that are collected are the ones bouncing back at skin level. You may notice that any echoes that are not returned show on the screen as black. Clear fluid and gas do not produce echoes which is why you will often see a black area where ever fluid is present for example amniotic fluid around the baby.

The eyes contain quite a lot of fluid, therefore, strong echoes are not always sent back which means that when you do see your baby opening it's eyes during a 4D scan then the iris is not seen clearly and the eyes it can show as quite dark, but this isn't what is really looks like. If the baby has it's eyes wide open sometimes, you can see slight differences of the eyes various surfaces. 






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