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C-Section or Vaginal Birth? Pros and Cons

C-Section or Vaginal Birth? Pros and Cons

 Today approximately 30% of all births are delivered via Cesarean section or C-Section.Vaginal delivery is a natural and (most of the time) a less complicated way to have your baby, but there are risks and and advantages with both.

Vaginal delivery pros

With vaginal delivery, mothers tend to have a more positive birth experience, have a shorter recovery period and skin to skin contact can happen straight away, which is important for bonding. Babies that are born vaginally are able to breast feed sooner, and tend to have fewer allergies and respiratory problems, so fewer possible complications.

 Vaginal delivery cons

When having a vaginal delivery it can mean that you don't know exactly when your baby will come. Vaginal delivery can sometimes be stressful and last quite sometime but it is different for each individual. For your baby, there are fewer cons, but on occasion injury can occur but only in very few cases.

 Cesarean Section Pros

With C-sections there are no long hours of painful contractions, you'll have more control over when your baby arrives and there is no damage to your pelvic floor. In terms of control, you can also plan when it happens with your healthcare provider. In some cases C-section is the best option for example if your baby is quite large (known as macrosomia) or if you are having more than one baby.

Cesarean Section Cons

C-sections do come with risks as with any major surgery for example  infections in the wound itself. You will also have a longer recovery period and breast feeding may not be possible straight away. You may not be able to have skin to skin contact straight away which can impact on the bonding process. It may also be that the option for a vaginal delivery in the future may not be possible for some women. Another risk that has demonstrated more recently due to the number is c-sections being performed are the  possibility of being higher risk for  c-section ectopic (where the embryo implants in the scar) and placenta accreta (where the placenta grows into the uterus) for future pregnancies.

Some babies delivered by C-section suffer with respiratory problems,because they don't undergo the hormonal changes that occur during labour so their lungs don't have time to absorb much fluid.

 For those of us who do have the choice to opt for C-section or vaginal delivery need to have an understanding of the risks and benefits of both deliveries. Unfortunately, some women do not have the option and must opt for the safest delivery possible as advised by health care professionals.

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