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Third Trimester - Things-to-do

Third Trimester - Things-to-do

Noticing your baby's movements

Your baby is growing every day and the movements that your baby makes will change depending on how your baby is positioned and how big he or she is. The rib kicking was always one of my favourites! You may notice your baby has developed a sleep pattern, but you will start to work out what is normal for your baby as they can decide that they prefer different times of day or night. You should feel your baby moving up to and during labour, but if you notice changes its is always best to let your midwife or doctor know straight away.

Antenatal appointments in the third trimester

Your midwife will keep you up to date with all of the information about labour and birth preparation, including how to recognise the signs of labour and how to deal with these. Sh should measure your fundal height (measuring your bump from bottom to top) at each appointment to check baby's growth. If she thinks baby is measuring high or low she may arrange an ultrasound scan for you.

Pregnancy symptoms that should not be ignored

Pregnancy conditions such as pre-eclampsia can occur from 20 weeks into your pregnancy. It likely occurs when the placenta isn't' working properly in the third trimester. You midwife will be on the look out for signs of pre-eclampsia during your appointments. The signs of pre-eclampsia are having a high blood pressure and protein is found in your urine when tested.

It's always good to be aware of the signs and to let your doctor of midwife know if you have any of the symptoms. Things that you can to look out for yourself, would be severe headaches, blurry vision and swollen hands and feet.
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