Silver 3D & 4D Scan Package

24-34 weeks

£100.00 £160.00

Silver 3D & 4D Scan Package
Silver 3D & 4D Scan Package Silver 3D & 4D Scan Package
      • A Real Time 4D scan with DVD video of the entire scan 
      • A Free USB stick with a minimum of 15 still 3D images
      • Estimated fetal weight / Growth check
      • Five + 3D colour printed pictures
      • Baby sexing if requested (please tell your sonographer if you do not wish to know)
      • Pregnancy progress report & well being check includes growth, amniotic fluid assessment & presentation
      • FREE HD Live (a new more realistic imaging system)
      • All images available to take home on the day
      • NEW Portrait Xperience from Blink of an Eye worth £175 (limited numbers) 

      "It is everything you could hope for at such a special time, I love the staff and the atmosphere. It is has a very luxury feel at what I believe is a very reasonable cost. An overall amazing experience and I can't recommend them enough."

      - Melissa Hazzard