Pre-Natal Harmony Test & Dating scan

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Pre-Natal Harmony Test & Dating scan
Pre-Natal Harmony Test & Dating scan Pre-Natal Harmony Test & Dating scan

Harmony is more accurate than traditional Down syndrome blood tests and much less likely to give a false-positive result. That means there will be much less chance your doctor would recommend follow-up testing, such as amniocentesis.

Harmony also tests for two other genetic conditions - trisomy 18 (Edward syndrome) and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome).

In addition, with Harmony you have the option to evaluate X and Y sex chromosomes.

Non-invasive prenatal testing based on cell-free DNA analysis is not considered diagnostic. Once you have your Harmony test results, you can discuss your pregnancy care with your usual healthcare provider.

Harmony™ in the UK – which has been validated for pregnant women of all ages and all risk categories. NIPT is becoming an increasingly important, as the UK National Screening Committee has recently released its recommendation for incorporating it into the national screening programme for women with higher risk results, and for evaluating its impact on current screening. The Harmony™ in the UK Prenatal Test is available for:

  • The detection of trisomy 21, 18, and 13.
  • All singleton and twin pregnancies from 10 weeks.
  • All IVF pregnancies using own or donor eggs.
  • Optional X and Y chromosome aneuploidy, or analysis for monosomy X only for singleton pregnancies, if appropriate.
  • There is an additional option for fetal sexing for twin pregnancies, if appropriate.
  • Results include fetal fraction (cell-free DNA percentage), which in line with the recommendation from the International Society of Prenatal Diagnosis (ISPD).
  • Results are available within 5-7 working days

Test Limitations

  • The Harmony test cannot be performed on multiple pregnancies other than twins.
  • The Harmony test cannot be performed on vanishing twin pregnancies
  • Despite its accuracy, NIPT is a screening test and an invasive diagnostic test would be required to receive a definitive diagnosis.

Early Life Ultrasound Centre offer the Harmony test in conjunction with a dating scan to ensure that your pregnancy is 10 weeks or more so that clear results can be provided.

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that prior to attending your appointment you are well hydrated as this can sometimes affect ability to take blood samples.

Three steps to clear answers

While other commonly used tests for Down syndrome are performed later in pregnancy and require multiple office visits, Harmony delivers clear answers as early as the first trimester with a single blood draw.

  1. A maternal blood sample is taken at week ten of pregnancy, or later
  2. DNA in the sample is analyzed using proprietary Harmony technology.
  3. Test results are reported to your provider in 7 business days or less.

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